Among the beautiful destinations in Hanoi, Old Quarter - 36 streets is one of the most favorite places for tourists. Old town attracts visitors because of its ancient ancient beauty floating on each tile roof, every street ... The mossy color of time has covered these old streets but still does not obscure the beauty of the land. Thang Long - Ke Cho old. For a clearer view of this interesting destination, please refer to the article About Hanoi Old Quarter that Viet Fun Travel shares below.

Introduction to Hanoi

Old Quarter of Hanoi - the old beauty of old Thang Long

About the old town of Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter is considered one of the prominent destinations of the tourism . The old town is located in the central area of ​​the city - right next to Sword Lake with 76 streets. Therefore, to visit the old town, visitors can move easily by many means.

However, for the convenience of the journey to explore the old town, you should choose to ride a motorbike, bicycle or walk because the road in the arches is quite small and narrow. Many roads are distributed one way and do not allow cars to circulate. Therefore, if you do not know the road, it is easy to get lost or accidentally violate the traffic laws.

The old town was located east of the suburb of Thang Long. Now the area of ​​36 streets in Hoan Kiem district with more than 76 streets in 10 wards, including Hang Dao, Hang Bac, Hang Buom, Hang Bo, Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Hang Ma, Dong Xuan, Cua Dong, Ly Thai To.

Introduction to Old Quarter of Hanoi

The road to Hang Ma street and Dong Xuan street


Historical records record the old town was formed in the 11th century, ie the Ly - Tran period. At that time, this neighborhood was considered the busiest in the Thang Long capital with trading and trading activities. Because of that, the old town is mostly concentrated among the middle-class and upper-class residents.

In particular, the old town is also known for the famous traditional trade streets such as Hang Bac, Hang Ma, Hang Tre ...

People often call old town - 36 streets. Ancient poetry also claims that Hanoi has 36 streets . However, this is an interesting thing for which there is no satisfactory answer. Because in fact Hanoi's Old Quarter is more than 36. But since ancient times, 36 streets were a familiar way to call people recognized.

Hanoi Old Quarter features classical architecture. The houses in the old town are almost the same style. That is the form of small tube house, slanted tile roof, silver paint color of time ... Besides, the old town also has a number of old temples, temples, pagodas with typical architectural marks - bearing the mark of architecture bamboo architecture.

Introduction to Old Quarter of Hanoi

Old Quarter of Hanoi with ancient architecture

Old town with streets named "Hang"

Old town has streets that start with the name "Hang" which becomes an interesting thing that makes many visitors curious. Hang Dau, Hang Than, Hang Bac, Hang Ma, Hang Thiec ... what do these names mean, their origin, invite you to continue to learn.

The names of the old town usually start with the word "Hang", followed by a series of names indicating traded and manufactured goods. Typically, selling Khoai is Hang Khoai street, selling Hom is Hang Hom street, selling silver, tin, cumin is Hang Bac, Hang Thiec, Hang Ma ... With the "rule" of such words, the names of the streets in "36 streets" Hanoi was formed.

According to some researchers on Hanoi Culture, the name of the old town is essentially the place to sell that item. Besides, not only Hanoi but some other regions such as Hai Duong and Hai Phong have many streets starting with the name "Hang".

Although there are many streets now that no longer sell the same items as in the past, it still reminds of a very special period of Vietnamese history.

Introduction to Old Quarter of Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter - an attractive tourist destination in Hanoi

Many visitors when visiting the old town will feel overwhelmed by the small streets with a very specific space. Even many people feel surprised by the "tiny" but extremely crowded, noisy streets. But knowing that this is a thousand-year-old treasure house, associated with the culture and history of Vietnam, everyone feels admiration and pride.

Coming to the old town, you can also explore a typical culinary background of Hanoi. They are vermicelli, pho - traditional dishes of Ha Thanh to street vendors, attractive sidewalk snacks ...

The old houses evoke old and classic features of the Thang Long - Ke Cho period. In the ways of the house, in the breaths of the old town, we feel like the old soul of a distant time.

Hanoi 36 streets is like an ancient space, clearly reflecting the culture - history - economy - politics of the city in previous times. Experiencing many ups and downs, but the old town still retains its classical architecture along with the ancient lifestyle of the Trang An (Thang Long) people.

Introduction to Old Quarter of Hanoi

Hanoi with many streets still retains the classic architecture of the day before

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