Among the beautiful destinations in Hanoi, Old Quarter - 36 streets is one of the most favorite places for tourists. Old town attracts visitors because of its ancient ancient beauty floating on each tile roof, every street ... The mossy color of time has covered these old streets but still does not obscure the beauty of the land. Thang Long - Ke Cho old. For a clearer view of this interesting destination, please refer to the article About Hanoi Old Quarter that Viet Fun Travel shares below.


Bold ancient French architecture, for a long time, Hanoi Cathedral is an ideal place for visitors from all over to visit. For Christians, the Cathedral is a great altar to attend Mass and pray.

What's in Hanoi on April 30?

April 30 is a big holiday in Vietnam, so this is an opportunity for many people to have fun, travel, entertain and relax. Many people wonder what is playing about April 30 in Hanoi?
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